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Friday, July 11, 2008

Hopias and Chicharon

A trip to the shops would never be complete without dropping by the Filipino Store.

Chris was craving for Hopia so we bought a pack of Eng Bee Tin, which I surprisingly found stored inside the freezers (together with the tubs of Ice Cream). It was AUD$2.30 per pack (that's P100.05 @P43.50=AUD$1.00)...a pack has only 4 hopias.

Then we also bought Chicharon which was AUD$2.40 (so that's $104.40). I almost always have a heart attack whenever I convert prices into Pesos but what can I do? Other than being Pinoy, I'm a self-confessed kuripot. I can't help but convert prices especially when I'm buying products from the Philippines.

These (the hopias and chicharon) was what I served for our afternoon tea. I prepared our meryenda while cooking lunch for tomorrow (see story of the Red Capsicum) and before serving to husband I took photos first. Talk about multi-tasking--imagine me in the kitchen with a spoon ladle on my right hand then a camera on the left.

Anyway, the funny thing was husband and I had two hopias each...and then in a few minutes we both said "Yun na yun???" (That's it??). We don't know if it's our appetite or what...but the Eng Bee Tin hopias seemed smaller than what we've eaten in Manila a year ago. I think next time we need to buy two packs hehehe.