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Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Madness

Went back to the optometrist this afternoon because my new pair of glasses is just not right. Now I know how it feels to be a macro lens or have eyes that see macro only...seriously I do.

Ganito yan. I got my new pair last Wednesday. When I tried it on inside the store, they let me read this brochure, it was okay. I put back the glasses inside my bag and when I went out, I told the Husband, "Maybe I should try this on while walking." And when I did, I knew there was something wrong. Parang macro lens ang paningin ko! I was looking at Husband and the scenery behind was so blurred. 50mm is that you????

I wore it at work the whole day yesterday thinking that my eyes just needs getting used to the glasses. It didn't work. I really can't bear it.

So I went back today and confirmed what the optometrist had done. He made me a pair of reading glasses only---not an all around glasses. I can use it only for reading which I don't want because my work entails movement, I just don't stay in my desk for hours. I need normal glasses, one that can help me read and move without getting it off my face. Naloka ako! So he'll change it and I'll get my new pair next week.

Finally got my haircut today after three months (my rule is to have a haircut every 2 months but I'm too busy since August) and for a change, my stylist gave me full bangs!!!! I've never worn full bangs since what? uhmmm...five years old???

Just when I was about to tell my stylist "No, hindi bagay ang full bangs sa akin!!!" it was too late, ginupit na lang niya ang hair ko sa harap! My stylist told me, "Just try wearing this hair for once, kaya mo yan."

Okay, good luck to me coz tomorrow is show time.