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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dinner at Pancakes (The Rocks)

Reasons why we just had to have dinner last night:

1. To celebrate Rache's birthday (belated happy birthday hane!)

2. To celebrate my recent milestones (permanent job, my soon-to-be reunion with hubby)

3. To eat!!!!

4. To catch up on what's happening with our lives:

a. Yyoni on pregnancy
b. Rache passing the driving test
c. Michelle and closing chapters
d. Hilda's upcoming travels to Thailand and Phils
e. Ara and Tom on newlywed anecdotes
f. Dewi's acting and dancing classes
g. Ibyang on when Chris will arrive in Sydney (welcome party to the max!!!)

5. Because we miss everyone's company =)

Thanks everyone for coming and for enjoying the night!!!!!
For more photos, please click here: Pancakes at The Rocks.