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Friday, December 28, 2007

Coffee Cups

I just finished talking to Husband and I'm more excited to see him coz he's giving me coffee cups from Portugal.

Babaw ba? For me, it isn't really. One of the things I will make sure when we have a place of our own is that all the guests that will visit us at home will have a very good experience drinking coffee with us. Drinking coffee is very important to me, it's an art. I want our guests to love the taste of coffee that we serve them and we want them to feel very special when they see the kind of coffee cups we let them use.

I saw the photos of the coffee cups online and they looked cute to me and they're made in Portugal. So there goes my love for coffee and travel in one coffee cup--though we've never been to Portugal but still the thought that it was made there would give me a certain high while using those coffee cups. Maybe a lot of you won't understand my passion when it comes to the art of drinking coffee, but my Husband surely knows me well to get me those coffee cups.

Those cups are also available here so the Husband told me, "So I don't have to bring it pala, we can buy it there." And I said, "No, those cups are mine, mine, mine." At least yung bigay nya galing pa sa Dubai so it will always remind me of where it came from other than Portugal. MY coffee cups has a story to tell and for me that has more value.

And so I thought we'll be using Starbucks coffee cups (which was the initial plan), hindi pala. We'll be using a different brand now that Chris already got a set of those coffee cups he got for me. But I'm not closing my doors on having Starbucks coffee cups---maybe later. But for now, I can't wait to get my hands on those cutie coffee cups.