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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Vday Thoughts

I honestly didn't know it was Vday today until last night. I was tricked into going out tonight by Ara (naisahan mo ako dun ha? :)) when she invited me to dinner saying "Let's have dinner on Thursday" and I said "Sure". All she said was Thursday. And I didn't care about dates in the calendar as long as I know I'm free. I'm a bit hesitant when it comes to celebrating Vday, it's not my thing, plus I don't like the crowd in the restaurants--just too many people. But anyway, too late to back-out plus I thought, "Why not?"

And so we had a very nice, quiet dinner at Cafe Bello in Burwood. Chloe also joined in and it was all fun to be hanging out with my girlfriends on Hearts Day.

This was a first for me--to go out on Vday in Sydney and the verdict: *sigh* Vday is sooooo boring here. Parang hindi Vday kasi walang masyadong Valentine decors ang mga malls and restaurants, it's so dull. Compared to the Phils, walang-wala ang Aussie pagdating sa mga celebrations na ganito. The good side of it though is that, at least occassions like these are not so commercialized here, it's like you have the choice to celebrate Vday or not coz there's not much pressure from the media that you have to spend and treat your loved one to a nice dinner or expensive gift.

All I can say is, Vday is a good day to make your loved ones know that you love them, no need for expensive gifts--it's always the thought that counts. And if you don't have a special someone, remember that Vday is for everyone--from your family to friends. There shouldn't be any reason to be lonely today just because you're unattached. Love comes in different forms and ways, love is all around you if you would only see it with your heart.

Hope you had a lovely hearts day today and may you make everyday a Vday for your loved ones.