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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Green Tea Break

Let me just tell you about my day while I take an afternoon break (in preparation for the busy evening ahead of me) and sip my green tea.

At 12 noon today, my boss kicked me out of the office and told me to just go home and rest. I love my boss!!!! He's frank, caring and funny in a brutal way hehehe.

To save time, I ordered take away from a Chinese fastfood and ate my chicken and rice inside the train. My first time to try eating rice on board the train---it was one of those kapal moments but who cares, the care bears diba? I'm hungry and craving for rice so they can't do anything about it.

So what does a girl do with a half day off work? Syempre malling :)

Well, I didn't actually go there to unwind. I had to do some last minute errands like drop by the bank and pharmacy and buy a gift for a friend. After all that's been done, I went straight to my hair stylist.

When I had a haircut two weeks ago, I asked the stylist to take away the layers so parang one-length ang effect nya. Kaso, after one week, my hair felt heavy and I didn't like the feeling. Since Monday, all I think about was "I have to have my hair cut again". And so I went today, kasi paano ba naman kagabi napapanaginipan ko na yung hair stylist ko---bothered talaga ako hehehe. When I came in the salon, ayun pinagalitan pa ako ng stylist kasi hindi naman daw talaga pwede na walang layer ang hair ko dahil super straight. Sus! Matapos ang lahat, he made me pay only half the price, gave me a kiss and said "Enjoy your trip honey!"

My last stop was Starbucks. I just had to reward myself for a job well done at work and for having a good day. At bilang huling hirit sa tag-init (autumn na dito pero may konti pang init), I ordered their Summer Special called Dulce de Leche Frappuccino topped with whipped cream and caramel. Yum!!!

Now off I go to dinner and after that another round of travel preps (just double checking things) and getting myself ready for tomorrow's hectic day.

Kaya ko 'to! Aja!