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Monday, May 26, 2008


I know, I know. It's not good to start the week being exhausted but what can i do? At least I'm happy .

Husband and I had a very busy, hectic but productive weekend as we were able to do a little exploring, hang out with relatives and friends, help in the birthday party of my cuzin Patrick, do household chores, update my website AND (the biggest and of all) cover two events. Multi-tasking to the max at strike anywhere ang drama namin *whew!

Yes!!! We are now covering events :) Oh well, it's not really a big deal (not yet anyway) but at least we are going somewhere with regards to our passion for photography.
(Our first event was the christening of my godson Caleb last month, then this month, the birthday parties of Patrick.)

Patrick had two birthday parties and we both covered them: Saturday night and Sunday afternoon (which was yesterday).

Saturday was party at home for families and friends so it was kinda easy.

Sunday was challenging as it was a bowling party for kids.

Photographing kids is one thing. Photographing kids in a bowling alley is another. Imagine, these kids are kids: small and tiny and we expect them to bowl? Ayayay! My arms hurt not because of clicking and holding the camera but because I had to help the kids carry the bowling ball so they can at least roll them over to the alley. At ang hirap kuhanan ng mga bata kasi since bowling ito, nakatalikod sila pag tumira. Chris and I had to go to the middle of the bowling alley (which was off limits to us really) in order to have some frontal shots of the kids while playing.

After they played one game, we had to go to the dining area so the kids can eat their snacks and where Patrick will blow candles on his cake. These kids are about 6-7 years of age and are very active. Ang gugulo at ang iingay. We had to shout a bit to get their attention for the group photos or for them to at least smile at the camera.

I swear, when Chris and I lied down to our bed last night, we were dead tired and we were like "Ang sakit ng katawan ko lalo na ang arms ko, ang hirap pala mag-cover ng bowling party."

But here's the thing, we were both smiling and really really happy how the parties for Patrick turned out and how fulfilling it was that we were the ones who captured a very important part of his life.

And I love being able to photograph kids :) I love seeing them smile on my viewfinder. I love it when they smile because they realize I'm taking a photo of them. I love seeing their unpretentious expressions especially their laughter. Being with kids is such a natural high.

I'm happy-exhausted today but I'm in a really good mood. It's a Monday and yet I have a smile in my heart :) all because i was blessed by little angels yesterday.