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Thursday, May 22, 2008

We're OK...

...and most importantly my Husband is managing well.

Things have been sorted out in the Phils, with Chris' Mama being incharged of everything. To everyone who has messaged, emailed, called us and gave generously: Thank you very much. Your gestures are of great comfort to us.

After work, we met up to attend mass at St. Mary's Cathedral in the City. Since the mass was at 5:30PM, we had an early dinner at Asagao, a Japanese restaurant with sushi train.

Sushi Train in Asagao

Gusto kong maaliw ng konti si Chris kaya ko sya dinala dun. Since he came here in Sydney, he has expressed interest in eating sushi. So I thought today would be a perfect way for that. I think it worked naman.

When I took photos of him and asked him to smile, nag-smile naman.

Pero pag di mo siya kinakausap, makikita mo sa eyes nya na malungkot sya.

Another good sign is that he got the camera and took photos too.

After our quick dinner, we headed off to St. Mary's Cathedral. Right after the mass, as we were walking in Hyde Park, Chris told me that he felt better, that he felt lighter after attending the mass. I think that's what we call Grace of God diba? I believe that little acts of faith does a lot of wonder for the mind and spirit. As long as you bring yourself to God in any circumstance, he will comfort you.

He also said "thank you" to me for accompanying him to church and for all my help which made me really happy today.