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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

'A Wife's Charmed Life' Revamp (a.k.a. The Charmed Wife Speaks)

Blog revamp? Yes.

With the new home of our own comes bigger responsibilities and more stories to share, so the Charmed Wife is now writing about tips, solutions and great finds for the home. The Charmed Wife is also writing of her kitchen adventures and misadventures.

Blog advertising? No...and maybe.

No, products featured here are things I discovered thru supermarket shopping, recommendation from friends and online surfing so I'm sharing all my domestic adventures to you. could be advertising only if a company will ask me to write about their product. If it is paid advertising: (1) I will surely mention in my entries that it is paid advertising and (2) I have tried the product and sincerely believe/trust the product. I will never compromise my opinion and judgement only because of monetary rewards.

Whatever product I feature here in my blog, that is because it works/worked for me. My experience may not be parallel to yours, some results may vary for each and every household so I won't take responsibility for any brouhaha that happens when you use a product that I feature here.

Will the Charmed Wife still write about her Travel and Food Adventures?

Definitely yes!! A charmed life will never be complete without travel and food adventures because there is ALWAYS learning in travel and food.

What about personal life experiences?

Yes, but only on a minimal level. The Charmed Wife will still write about her milestones and misadventures only if it will result to learning for the reader--WHICH HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE GOAL. For a time, the Charmed Wife felt exploited because instead of getting the learning from sharing her milestones, heartaches and tough learnings, she felt that some readers judged her in an unfairly manner.

There are two "A Wife's Charmed Life" websites (Multiply and Blogspot versions), what website do we "Bookmark" or add to our "Favorites"?

Since last month, The Charmed Wife has turned her entries at Multiply for her network's viewing only. However, photo albums in Multiply are still and will always be viewed by everyone.

The Charmed Wife is only maintaining her Multiply site only because she cannot leave the friendships she had made with her Multiply buddies.

Whatever is written and published in her Multiply account is viewable in Blogspot. A lot of readers had the notion that the Charmed Wife is keeping "secrets" via Multiply because it has been made "un-viewable" to non-Multipliers but that has never happened. My entries has always had a duplicate in Blogspot.

The Charmed Wife also has plans of going thru her Multiply contacts to see who hasn't visited her for the past six months. She plans to cut back on her Multiply contacts since most of them do not really visit her Multiply site. Family members and friends will not be included in the cut-back. The good news is that the Charmed Wife will now approve invites ONLY if the inviter gives her a very good reason on why she should add her (saying "Hi, how are you?" doesn't count).

In conclusion, "A Wife's Charmed Life"'s official site is

So please bookmark or add to your Favorites.