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Sunday, April 26, 2009

KMart and McDo on a Friday Night

Friday after work, Chris was late for dinner at Bow's with the relatives and so when he got home, I told him I'd take him out to dinner. I had the longest week at work, stressed and tired, didn't have the energy to cook dinner for the Husband. Besides, I also didn't want to hang out at home after dinner. I wanted to unwind somewhere a bit.

First choice was to hang out at Starbucks but in the end, we decided to take my parents to KMart coz my Dad hasn't seen the place and we found out that they close late on weekends.

The place was nearly deserted when we arrived. Don't you just love it when it seemed you have the whole shop to yourself?

There was a lot of sale too. We were able to buy bathroom stuff at 25% off, Chris finally found bathroom carpets he liked. We also bought throw pillows for our bedroom at 40% off.

After a good hour of shopping, we finally took Chris to McDonald's for his dinner. While he had his Double Cheeseburger Meal, we had hot chocolate.

KMart on Fridays is Love.

24 hour McDonald's is Love.