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Monday, April 13, 2009


Husband and I never usually go to the shops early. But this morning, as soon as I woke up, I just dressed up--no, breakfast even!--and went out coz Husband wanted to take me shopping for a toy that I've been wanting to own for soooo long.

Yesterday, we saw in a shop's catalogue that the toy that I want will be on sale starting 13 April (which is today). Here in Australia, when something is advertised and you really want it, it is advisable that you arrive early at the shops to buy it or else, later in the day, it will be sold out.
So at 9:30am, we were at the shops already...went straight to where we could find "my" toy...and there it big Wall-E!!!!

The box says "InterAction Wall-E".

It talks, moves its head and hands, lights its eyes up and wheels around.

The amusing thing is it responds to your voice. When I call out "Wall-E!!!" replies back to me and says, "Eee--vaah!" Aliw!!!

Eyeloveit! :)