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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Book: What No One Tells The Bride by Marg Stark

I found this book in the middle of 2006, at a time when i was planning my wedding, psyching myself to becoming a wife and needing some inspiration from i-don't-know-what.
This was heaven-sent to me, like manna from heaven (hallejuah!). I was in need of answers and comfort, especially that my mom and my support system were in Manila. When i read this book, I immediately felt a certain peace that what I was going thru was normal, that I wasn't alone, and that almost all women go thru what I've gone thru and what I'm going thru right now.

This book became a bible of sorts for me. The author has compiled everything you need to know of women's experiences before, during and after marriage.

When i read the book before my wedding, I knew it was worth it.

When i got married and was back here in sydney, and was getting confused regarding marriage stuff (read: adjustment period) I had to read some parts of it again, it was doubly worth it. It became my reference book!

This book is definitely a bride's* bestfriend.

Contents include:

  • surviving the wedding

  • sex after the honeymoon

  • second thoughts

  • wedding cake freezer burn

  • becoming your mother

  • screaming about money

  • screaming about in-laws

  • maintaining your identity

  • being blissfully happy despite it all

*the author's definition of a bride is an engaged or newly married woman.