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Friday, September 4, 2009

Everything May Change But True Friendships Last

One happy Friday night with my girls Hilda, Ara and Chloe as we met up after work for coffee and dinner.

One realization that night: my, how we have grown!!!!

Used to be that we talk of boyfriends, past relationships, work, fashion and any other thing that single ladies talk under the sun.

Nowadays, we have moved on to talking of our love for our partners in life, managing a home, sharing recipes, insurances, travels & get togethers that involves family and sometimes, we even talk about our health and appointments with doctors.

Yes, we are getting old (hehe). But it's amazing that we've been in a journey together for a long time friends and as sisters. And it's awesome to look back that during our younger days, we were there for each other...and now with the many changes in our lives, we are together still.

In a woman's life, a lot of things may change---careers, dreams and even one's partner/husband (yes, pwedeng mapalitan ang asawa hehe)...but it's very possible that TRUE FRIENDS will remain constant.

For more photos of our dinner and coffee date, click here.