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Monday, April 19, 2010

Affirmation: Value Quiet Moments


I value my quiet moments
as much as I value
being with
those I love.

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Personal Reflection:

As a wife that juggles several roles (sometimes, even in just one day), life can be pretty overwhelming. It is of normal occurrence that a friend would tell me, "You are always on-the-go" or "Ang dami mong racket/gimik! (you have a busy social life)". And I agree, I do have an active life. Other than being a wife, I manage a home, have a full-time job, I have relatives and friends that I regularly see and parties that I organize with them, I blog and maintain friendships online too, I read a book and watch TV everyday, my parents and I talk on the phone every weekend (one to two hours) and my husband and I have our projects (photography and graphic design) as well. I have a full life and I'm happy that everyday, I'm productive as I can be.

Do I get tired? Yes, once in a while I do get tired. But almost always, being with family and friends and doing things I love, never really exhaust me. They are actually the source of my joy and adrenalin.

However, I have one big secret that I will share with you---and that is how I'm able to manage my time well and not end up exhausted with all my activities.

On top of all the things I do on a daily and weekly basis, I'm able to allot time for myself (that's why I sometimes blog about my "Me" time). Time for myself is a sacred, sacred, sacred thing. I have my daily quiet times and I have my weekly "Me" times.

A few years back, doing all the things I love made me feel very tired and sometimes I hated going to work. Then I learned about the value of having quiet moments and having "me" times. It did wonders to me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually when I started allotting time for myself on a daily and weekly basis. Nowadays, I rarely experience PMS or get depressed and I like going to work even on a Monday.

Here are some ways I'm able to have my quiet times in day:

1. I wake up a few minutes before the alarm and just stay in bed for awhile. Eyes still closed, I'd say my morning prayers and count my blessings.

2. In the afternoon, I'd sometimes have an extra 30-40 minutes of walking. I get to de-stress and exercise when I do that.

3. I go home early and have a quiet moment at home while cooking dinner and waiting for my Husband to come home from work. The first 15 minutes that I arrive home, I spend sitting down while I sip a glass of warm honey lemon juice or a glass of wine.

4. On Fridays when I'm off from work, I spend a few hours at a cafe, have a cup of coffee while I write on my journal.
Those are just a few usual things I do to achieve a more balanced and stable spirit. You can be more creative and adjust the activities so that it'll suit you more.
The best thing I learned in having quiet moments is that I never run out of energy to fulfill my duties, I'm more at peace and I'm able to give more quality time for others.
Wishing you all a great week!