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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our Binocular Arrived Today

The thing with online shopping is that some establishments have scheduled delivery times, with some having a waiting period of 2-3 weeks (sometimes a month) before they deliver your order to you.  I have no problems with that as long as the duration of the waiting period is always stated in the website.

Last night, while watching a Korean drama, I suddenly jolted and said, "Our binoculars hasn't been delivered yet!  I forgot all about it."

So there, most of the time, I forget about what I bought online especially when it has been weeks since I've bought it.

Just when I remembered last night, one of my packages arrived today (I'm still waiting for two more packages)!  The binocular we bought a few weeks back got delivered at my office this afternoon. 

Our Binocular Arrived Today
Our Binocular Arrived Today
Our Binocular Arrived Today

I don't know anything about binoculars.  I tried learning about the different specifications online and crossed my fingers that I bought the right one for what we need.  I chose one that's light and handy too.  I tried it out when I came home and I'm relieved that I made a good choice.  Even the Husband approved.  It can magnify up to 288ft and I'm happy that it came with a case.

Our Binocular Arrived Today

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We bought a binocular specially for this...
KPOP Music Fest in Sydney!

We received advise from the concert organizers that cameras/videocameras are not allowed during the concert (WHY????) plus, we intentionally picked a seat a bit far away from the stage, so I took the liberty of buying ourselves a binocular to help in seeing the performers on stage.

Now I really can't to see the concert.

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