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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Grateful in Autumn

Dear Autumn, 
This year you made my heart oh so happy.
With every leaf that fell, my grateful heart glowed with the blessing of a good life filled with laughter and love.  Thank you Dear God and thank you Universe.
That's just my little note to Autumn for being kind this year.  As we end another season and move on to much colder days (Hello, Winter!--tomorrow na!) let me just acknowledge a few things that made the past three months extra special. 

Reunions and celebrations that always make me realize that I'm surrounded and loved by people whom I love too.   My family and friends are my greatest blessings.

Travels that make me appreciate where I live.  Places that are testament to how beautiful our world is. 

Good Autumn weather as we had a lot of days of sunshine and it showed in the flowers still abloom.

Favourite fruits that I got to eat during this season: Mangosteen and Guava!
What Autumn Brought To Me
What Autumn Brought To Me
What Autumn Brought To Me
What Autumn Brought To Me

Moments that when I look back would always make me say "Awwww...." 

Till we see each other again, Autumn!