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Monday, September 10, 2012

Being True & Tactful and Having Filters

Sharing with you my favourite quote from Dr. Seuss as illustrated by

I have this quote saved on my phone to constantly remind me to stay true to myself at all times. When I'm wanting to say how I feel or think, I look back to this quote when I need to decipher a way to express my truth without being offensive. This quote also gives me comfort knowing that I have family and friends who are always ready to understand the feeling behind every word I say.

Over time, I have learned to be careful on what I put out there. Whether it may be personal or digital, I make sure that what I say is based on my truth. And if my opinions may or could have hurt anyone, it wasn't intentional and I bear no malice.

I have learned to filter what I say and write. Until I'm sure of what I'm about to express, I will not let it go. I will let a story show its end before I tell you what happened. Sometimes, I only share my thoughts when asked. While I share my random thoughts online, I have learned not to abuse the freedom of having access to social media. Once in a while I may fail to be mindful, especially when exchanging opinions with online friends, but most of the time, I try to be tactful. 

I have also learned to filter the things that make up my world. I stay away from people who are negative and those who bring out the worst in other people. Instead, I spend time with people who offer genuine friendship. I choose what I read, ones that cultivate productive thoughts and learning. I choose how I spend my time well by being aware of my priorities and values all the time. By way of filtering, I'm able to spend more of my time on people and things that truly matter.

Wishing you a week filled with things that make you happy!