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Friday, November 23, 2012

Style Musings: Slipper Loafers from Topshop

It's been awhile since Topshop/Topman opened in Sydney and it was only a month ago that I had the time to visit.  Actually, I only remembered to visit because we passed by the Gowings Building. It's funny that I  looked forward to the opening of Topshop here in Sydney and yet I somehow forgot its existence once it's opened. There were a few good pieces but most are a bit too young for my taste. There's a part of me that will always like youthful pieces but their clothes seem a bit too fad-ish for me. I've seen a few classic pieces but found that some prices are ridiculous especially when I compare them to what I've seen and bought from Asian online stores. (So sorry to compare but I'm a consumer who wants reasonably-priced style items). 

I walked out of the store without a piece of clothing but fortunate enough to discover a pretty pair of slipper loafers with black and silver trimmings. It's very comfortable to wear and it doesn't feel as flat because the insole has a bit of cushion. It was priced at AUD$44.00 
Style Musings: Slippers from Topshop

I was wearing a black lace dress when I was there as I was to watch Legally Blonde in a few hours. Although I have my foldable shoes with me, the slipper loafers I found matched with my black lace dress so well.
I wore it right after I paid for it. It's great for walking and good enough to wear with something fancy because of it's design.

Gowings Building

55 Market St, Sydney