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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Food Find: Mango Chocolate by Cebu Best

One of my great food finds in Manila this year was the Mango Chocolate by Cebu Best. I found this at Kultura in SM Megamall.

It's ingenious to put together two delicious things, dried mangoes dipped in Belgian chocolate, have them wrapped individually and packaged in a gorgeous box. It's a product worthy of praises both from local and international consumers. 
Food Find: Mango Chocolate
Food Find: Mango Chocolate
The dried mangoes were chewy while the generous Belgian chocolate coating was of good quality. I find that it is best eaten straight out of the wrapper (no refrigeration needed).
Food Find: Mango Chocolate
Food Find: Mango Chocolate
I bought a small box containing 12 pieces for P419.75 at Kultura (Megamall). I also found them available at NAIA 1 Airport (they were more expensive there though).

I highly recommend them if you love dried mangoes and Belgian chocolate. These are also a yummy gift to your family & friends who live overseas.

Want to try dried Mangoes covered in chocolate but can't find these in the market? 

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