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Thursday, August 23, 2007

My New Toy The Holga

When I got home and entered my room, I saw this pretty little package on my bed...

When I opened the bag, my little surprise was wrapped in a very attractive designed paper.


It came with a book that contains everything I need to know about Holga, tips and tricks and hundreds of Holga images. The package also contained the filter sets and split image lens set I ordered.

I've been lusting for these for months (since March this year I think) and I told myself I'd only buy it when I pass my Driver's Knowledge Test. That's what I call delaying gratification :).

I ordered last Tuesday and expected they'd deliver next week, but what a surprise! In just two days, I got my reward for being a good girl haha! :)

Now all I have to do is figure out how to make this work hehehe. This is all new to me but I really wanna learn it, the most challenging part is that I don't have my husband to tutor me right now. I'm really gonna do this on my own. I was never an art person, like an artist or a photographer--that type of thing. I've always been a sing and dance person or the sports person which for some reason I didn't have much of struggle with. But art is something that is not inate in me but I really want to learn to the point of getting out of my comfort zone. So yeah, I'm gonna study Lomography, baby! :)

So good luck to me, I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy this.