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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Sun Didn't Shine So Bright Today

What a long day.

Our house in Taytay was burglarized yesterday evening taking away three DVD players and jewelleries my parents own. My parents were shocked and traumatized by the invasion of privacy and trespassing of our home. My mom was panicked to see the house looking like a jungle with all our clothes (yes, they also invaded my room and took out whatever clothes I have left there) scattered all over. My dad was very worried but composed. They weren't able to sleep last night for fear they might come back again. Today, they had to stay home and have the door repaired (there was forced entry, they literally broke our door in two) and get the house organized.

When I got to talk to them, all I had to say was thank god, the bad guys already left when they arrived home (it was estimated that they robbed the house at around 6:30pm) and that my parents were unharmed. Who knows what would happen when suddenly my parents arrived and they're still there? I don't even want to think about it.

Anyway, my dear friends from the Phils--would you know or can you recommend any good Security Alarm System for the house? If you can just email me (or leave a personal message), I'd really appreciate it.

Just when I thought this day was over, we received news that the only living sibling of my grandmother (and the only living lolo in my life) passed away this morning.

Sabi nga naming lahat, "Ano ba naman 'to? puro bad news."

My grandma was devastated by the news but accepting as well. Her brother died of old age (he's 94 years old) so it wasn't so bad. He lived a good life, a full life. I just feel sad seeing my grandma cry but she's alright now. We're a little worried on how she's gonna take the news but she did okay.

In moments like this, it's really hard to be strong and sane. Good thing I have friends who were ready to lend an ear (Thanks Larry and Hilda). And then there's my husband too. And my parents are safe (thank you talaga Jesus). At the end of a not-so-happy day, love and friendship has pulled me thru and kept me afloat.

Hopefully the sun will shine brighter tomorrow.