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Saturday, October 20, 2007

I Feel Like Writing Tonight

I'm very much awake (it's already 11:42pm now) and I find myself wanting to write again. Nangungulit ang utak kong malikot! Kaya heto, magkukuwento muna ako bago matulog.

Yesterday, I took a day-off to do some personal errands. I declared a health and well-being day yesterday because the focus of my errands was to (1) apply for a private health fund (2) see a doctor coz I need to get a check-up on something and (3) get myself a hair trim.

All three were accomplished. The private health fund was sort of an anniversary gift to myself (2 years in Sydney, instead of rewarding myself with some material thing, I opted for this) and in preparation for motherhood. Oh ha? Is this me talking about motherhood??? Enough said. I'll blog about motherhood later, hah! For my friends in the Phils who doesn't know, Australian government gives free medical assistance to all Australian citizens and residents. Although you can avail almost everything in terms of medical needs here, for someone like me who has more medical needs or who'll have more medical needs in the future, it would be better to get a private health fund. Of course you will pay for this but at least you're assured that if you need more medical coverage, you have your private health fund to fall back on. In my case, I really want to prepare for later on, in case I get pregnant, I could at least get a private doctor, give birth at a private hospital and have the neonatal services for my baby for free.

Check-up with doctor was alright. I'll get the results of the tests on Friday. I'm actually quite anxious to know. Everytime I have any kind of medical tests, I get a little nervous. Today, I had an ultrasound and I asked the attendant if she saw anything bad and she said "no, not at all, but then I'm not a doctor", which I hope she said because it's true and not because she didn't wanna panic me. In the meantime, I'll stay put.

Now for the haircut. My hair is now similar to that of Mariel Rodriguez. I told my trusted stylist to just trim it but he thinned it as well so parang lalo syang umikli :( I really want my long hair back---I missed it, especially when I'm looking at my old photos. Di bale, since I trust my stylist, I'm sure he has a very good reason for thinning it.

When I got home, I got news from the internet about the Glorietta bombing that happened at around 1:30pm (Manila time). If you want to read updates, you can check it out here. I immediately called my dad because he works in Makati and sometimes he goes out and have lunch somewhere. I'm glad he's safe when he answered his phone. According to him, he was close to the area when he felt the earth moved or something. Unfortunately, some people died and a lot were injured. Nakakaiyak. When Chris and I saw the photos, bigla naming naalala na yung area na yun kung saan madalas kaming dumaan papunta sa Greenbelt. We were really in utter disbelief. When we used to work in Makati, Chris usually eat lunch at Glorietta especially on Fridays. Bigla ko tuloy naisip, "pano kung nandyan pa tayo sa Pinas? malamang nasa Glorietta ka at nagla-lunch out kasama ang barkada mo." (I seldom go out for lunch and if I do, I also hang out with my own barkada in the office) Nakakalungkot talaga. Sa ngayon isa lang ang masasabi ko: sana matapos na ang lahat ng gulo sa Pilipinas para wala nang Pilipino ang masaktan.

Happy thoughts naman. Today is our 8th monthsary. Yay! We remembered! Kagabi palang, we greeted each other already para di makalimutan. We're happy today because finally, we were able to buy a Canon flash for our DSLR. May IS lens na, may flash pa :) The flash naman was my birthday present to Chris (birthday nya Sept pero out of stock yung flash na gusto nya). Sabi nga nya, kailangan na daw nyang pag-isipang mabuti ang christmas gift nya sa akin and he's thinking of giving me a new mobile phone. I said he didn't need to give me one because my parents already told me na sila na daw ang magbibigay nun sa akin. And I also said that I don't really need anything, I just want him here. When it comes to Chris, all I really want for Christmas is to know when we'll see each other again. Yun lang. Is that so much to ask? Sana pagbigyan naman ako ni Santa Claus :)

Ayan, nakapag-kwento na ako...medyo inaantok na ako. I hope everyone's having a peaceful and enjoyable weekend! Good night!