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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Work It, Baby!

Yesterday was a very unusual day for me. Unusual because I got to do something I haven't done in my entire life.

It started with a meet-up with Erick and Jon at Parramatta.

My first time to meet Jon at feeling close na kami coz we have a lot in common hehe.

Finally a photograph with Master Erick

After the meet-up, we went straight to Erick's place and this was the sight that welcomed us...

Larry (with his son Justin) was also there with his invention (nice one Larry!).

Then after a very yummy adobo lunch, Larry and son went home :(

But we got on with the goal for the day...the guys to shoot and for me to work it for the camera!!!!

It was one of those days that challenged me immensely. Bakit??? Kasi hindi naman ako model!!!!!! In my life, I will admit that I am a Trainer, a Singer or a Wife but I will never admit that I am a model--coz I'm definitely not---I"m not even very girly, I don't like dressing up and putting make-up on. But since these guys are my friends and I know that this is a learning experience for all of us, I was game to do it. And as they say, once in a while do something different to spice up your life and so I did. This was a much-awaited project that made anxious, nervous and excited all week.

Ang hirap palang maging model!!!!! With all the stomach-in-chest-out-butt-out moments I had yesterday I have a sore body today (the kind of feeling when I had a badminton game). Starting today, when I look at celebrities and models in print ads or magazines, I'd appreciate them more. Modelling is not all about glamour, it's about hard work too.

And speaking of hardwork, at the end of the day, it was all about good photography. Thinking of concepts, setting of cameras, positioning of flashes, diffusers and reflectors. Putting them all together requires effort, patience and precision in the hopes to get it all right, in the hopes of getting a good photograph. We had a couple of bloopers but we had more fun because we made it fun :) Teamwork and sense of humour at its best.

Unforgettable dialogues:

(1) Jon saying "Ivy, mag-pose ka nang maganda" (dahil naubusan na sya nang masu-suggest na pose, kaya nasabi nya ang napaka-vague na phrase na "mag-pose ka nang maganda")

(2) Erick saying "O jump shot naman" and I was shocked at the request because I was wearing an evening in "jump shot? naka-dress ako???" Pero ginawa ko naman (uto-uto hehehe).

To Erick and Jon, thank you for taking care of me yesterday. It was fun working with both of you. It was an awesome experience. :)