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Friday, December 14, 2007

5th Syota-Anniversary

In celebration of our 5th Syota-Anniversary today, (yes, if we didn't get married this year, we're supposedly celebrating our 5th anniversary as boyfriend-girlfriend today.) let me tell you a little story about us.
On December 13, 2002, our very first photograph was taken at the 53rd floor of the PBCom Tower. We considered this a classic photograph because Chris used a Nikon SLR, that time we didn't have a digital camera yet.

The following day, December 14, 2002, we became a "We", and an"Us"...and then many photographs followed thereafter...

Collage of our 1st Year Photos

Collage of our Baguio Photos where we celebrated our 3rd Anniversary

Boracay, June 2005

And then we got engaged on December 26, 2004...

Our Kalokohan Collage (We were just sooo happy we decided to make fun of ourselves)

Pre-nuptial Photo by Dre Martinez

Survived a long distance relationship before tying the knot....

Left: Chris with Burj Al Arab at the back. Right: Ivy with the Harbour Bridge.

Our Wedding Logo

And next month, we'll be celebrating our 1st Wedding Anniversary :)
Who would have thought we'd come this far?
From friends to being more than friends to being married. Sometimes, we still can't believe how the universe conspired to bring us together. It was really magic! Two unlikely people, from different life orientations, with so much differences in views and opinions and yet when we came to know each other better, we just clicked. And for some reason, inspite of all our differences, there was one thing didn't clash---and that is our values. And that always became a reference on how we were able to make things work.
To my dir ex-boypren,
Psst! 5 years na kitang syota. Tenk yu por mayking me your wifey.
Lab u lab u,
Ex-gelpren mo