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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Getting Ready For Next Year

Three reasons why I had to go out today: (1) To buy personal stuff that I would need for next year; (2) To visit a travel agency and inquire flights and costs of flights going to Dubai; and (3) To spend some quality time with myself, just to think and relax and de-stress.

I decided to finally finish shopping for things that I will need for next year (personal effects like undergarments, socks, moisturizers, facial sunblock and a cure for my Tendonitis) so that I won't have to think of it anymore. I will have a pretty hectic year next year so in order to focus on what needs to be done, I have to have my personal stuff handy should the need arises. I have carefully made an inventory of what I have right now and I'm good to go for next year. I can practically not buy any vitamins, cosmetics, bags and clothes for the whole year of 2008. I realized that everytime I shopped for the past few weeks prior to Christmas, I was unconsciously buying stuff I will need for next year. And that is good. At least when the husband arrives, we will be able to focus on what he needs especially that he's starting a new life here.

I finally found the time and urge to visit the travel agency. It feels good to finally be able to talk to someone about my travel plans for next year and know the flight schedules and how much it will cost me to go to Dubai. I had a very giddy feeling when I left the travel agency while holding the paper that states my tentative booking. I'm sooo thirsting for travel talaga. Other than wanting to see my husband, I have this aching feeling of wanting to step on an airplane and just go far far away.

I ended my day-out by hanging out at Starbucks. I ordered a tall Americano and Caramel Cheesecake and savored it while thinking of what I have to thank for in the year 2007. I just had to diligently think about it coz my year was really "Whoah!". There's so much that happened this year that I just had to carefully think about it and organize my thoughts. I have to say thank you to 2007 properly so I can welcome 2008 properly too and I can only do that when I write it down.

How about you? What are you grateful for in 2007? What are your personal highlights this year? And what are your preparations for year 2008?