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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

After 12 days of DSLR-ing*

*DSLR-ing is my shortcut for the phrase "using a DSLR camera".

I'm a novice in photography. And I'm actually not so high-tech (as in knowledgeable about gadgets). That's why I was very scared to try to learn DSLR-ing alone. Alone, meaning without my husband.

Although I may know something about the world of photography because the husband and our friends are into it and I somehow know how to critique because I read and study, but working with a DSLR camera is something I've never really done til my DSLR came into existence 12 days ago. Yeah I've tried husband's camera a couple of times, but I never really took it seriously.

And so after 12 days of DSLR-ing, what can I say?

The experience of unraveling the camera is not so bad as I thought it would be. Medyo na tarantated lang naman ako kung ano ang uunahin kong gawin nang buksan ko ang box! hehehe. Minsan, lumalabas ang pagka-girl ko sa mga ganitong sitwasyon eh. Overwhelming kasi ang excitement at nerbyos na nararamdam na parang may bago akong laruan.

I realized that I have a lot to learn!!!! Hindi pa talaga enough yung mga pagbabasa ko nang isang buong taon dahil wala naman akong hands-on. Although the tips I have somehow remembered in my heart and soul (naks!) but still it's different when you put it into practice. And in general, there's really a lot to learn about photography. So happy learning to me forever and ever!

After one week of DSLR-ing, I feel (take note: I feel, meaning feeling ko lang ito) that I'm not that bad (as in super duper bad) in terms of achieving good shots. I'm slow, I admit, but I have shots that are "passable" (as in pasado/pwede na/matino kahit papaano). I send my photos to the husband and according to him I may be amateurish but I'm able to capture what I want to express. And with that comment, I'm truly satisfied because at least, I'm on the right track.

Photography is tiring!!!! Tiring for me because I'm only starting to learn. Because when I take a shot, my brain, my hands and my eyes are working. Mapapagod ka pala talaga pag nagsa-start ka kasi sobrang concentration ang kailangan kasi nag-iisip ka tapos nagfo-focus ang mga mata at mga kamay mo. Pati pagtayo at pag-breathe mo kasali sa equation para makakuha ng magandang shot. Now that I've experienced that, I apologized to my husband. Because at the time that he was still getting used to his DSLR, I kept on asking "ba't ganun ang photo?", "ba't ang pangit?" hehehe. Feeling ko pag nag-DSLR ka, automatic na maganda ang mga shots mo, pero you work on it pala talaga. Camera + Your Skill = Good Photograph. But I know in time, it won't be so tiring anymore--I'll get used to it when I learn more skills in time.

I have so many mistakes!!!!! But when I saw how my photos turned out, I just laughed. I tell my husband the bloopers I've made recently and I was laughing while talking to him. At one point, I wasn't even using my one and only lens "properly" coz it was turned off (nge!!!). Anak ng tokwa talaga! =P

I'm having fun. Whether I'm having difficulty learning because the husband is away (he lectures over the phone while I take down notes) or having difficulty finding time to sit down, learn and do photoshoots---it's all fun! I'm learning and when I'm learning something new or something that interests me, that keeps me happy.

My camera is my most prized-possesion right now and if you're gonna ask me what are the 3 most important things in my life right now, it would be Chris, my parents and my camera--in that order hehehe. I never thought I'd be able to say this because I never really understood Chris when he told me before that next to me, his camera is his most prized-possession. Now I totally understand him.

So there, my in-a-nutshell feelings about using a DSLR camera. And to sum it up: I love it!!! The fulfillment I felt when I was using a Point&Shoot has now been doubled with the experience of using a DSLR camera =)