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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

8 Things About Me (Tagged by Corie)

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I am an only child by accident. I had a younger sister that died when she was a baby. Everytime people ask me “Malungkot ba ang mag-isa lang?” I always answer “No”. I have always had a happy disposition in life. Never kong naisip or naramdaman na malaking kawalan sa buhay ko ang walang kapatid. Instead, I feel blessed that I have trustworthy and faithful friends who show me that they love me. At a very early age, I learned the lesson of counting your blessing and not looking for things that you don’t have.

When I was a kid, I liked hanging out with our then household helper in the kitchen. At age 11, I knew how to wash clothes, clean house and cook.

I laugh at myself whenever I realize a certain stupidity I’ve done. I set high standards on myself but I’m never too serious not make fun of my stupidity or kalokohan.

I have a lot of books lying around my bedroom. Everytime my cuzin comes into my rooms, she says “Ate, you have a new book again.” I read, read, read, all the time May book ako na binabasa sa train, may book ako na binasa sa bahay bago matulog. Minsan, tatlong libro ang binabasa ko nang sabay-sabay. When online, basa naman ako ng basa ng mga blogs, news, etc. If it’s a choice between watching TV or reading a book, I’d chose reading a book all the time.

I eat fruits except for pineapple (but I drink pineapple juice though), melon, langka and durian. I don’t like their smell, too strong that it makes me dizzy.

I love eat-all-you-cans. I don’t eat lots though coz I get stuffed easily. So what I do is I just have a little bit of everything so I get to taste everything. And I give myself a break in between serves.

I have acquired a love for white wine when I moved here. Ewan ko kung bakit, basta one time I was having dinner parang hinahanap ng panlasa ko ang white wine kahit red meat naman ang kinakain ko. Weird!

When I was single, all I ever thought about was going up the corporate ladder, I wanted to be one of the best trainers in the Phils (oh ha? Ang bigat ng pangarap ko hehehe) or to be an HR Head. But now that I’m married, the greatest change in me was that I just want a job that I love doing, the position title is not that important to me anymore.

One of the rules is to tag 8 people, but I choose not to tag. If you want to share 8 things about you, please feel free to do so.