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Sunday, January 20, 2008


Was it only a year ago when we saw our names in the Wedding Announcements section of the Manila Bulletin?

Was it only last year that we both said "I do"?

Was time so fast that today this ticker from our site greeted us with a

Wow! One. Uno. Isa.

Happy Anniversary to us!!!!

To our family, relatives, friends and online buddies who were there for us on our first year, thank you very much. You are all a blessing to us!

To all of you who greeted us in person, via phone, SMS, our websites or even thought of us on our day...thank you for remembering.

Celebrating our 1st birthday as a married couple apart is very challenging but we are making it easy for each other by deciding to be happy and having higher hopes for our future. Given the situation we have, we know we are still lucky because inspite of all the thousand miles between us, we have kept this marriage solid and intact.

And for our first birthday wish??? All we want is to be together for the longest time possible.

Cheers to more years together!