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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sunshine Cards

I got this warak-warak package today....a package I never thought I'd ever see in this lifetime.

It probably got lost somewhere and for some miraculous reason, it still landed down under.

The husband told me he sent this package in January for our anniversary and my birthday.

Just last weekend, I remembered us talking about this package and I told him I'd probably not receive it anymore.

This package really made me laugh today...a great surprise in my craziest week ever.

So what's inside the package? 2 greeting cards--one for our anniversary and another for my birthday--and the calendar he made for the company he's working for in Dubai (it was made by him).

Like every card Husband had given me, he always seemed to choose very funny or creative ones or both!!!

On the envelope of this card, it read:

To Ibyang, My Ex-girlfriend, kasi wife na.

it's soooo cute!!!! the bear really looks like Chris when he smiles hahahaha.

According to him, meant daw na bilhin nya itong card na'to kasi may word daw na Babe hehehe, para daw talaga ito sa birthday ko...kaya siningit nya yung pangalan ko in between "irresistable" and "babe".

At may bago akong pet name: Ibyangski, my Wifeski --sinulat ni Husband sa envelope ng birthday card ko. :) So dapat ba tawagin ko rin syang Husbandski? hehehehe.

*sigh* Late or not, I don't care...I'm grateful these cards arrived just in time to make me laugh and make me feel better now that I'm experiencing one of my "living on the edge" moments (meaning I'm really really busy and there seem to be a lot of loose ends I'm trying to work out at the moment). Napawi talaga ang pagod ko dahil dito sa mga aliw na cards na ito (salamat husband!).