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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Jiona's Christening

Celebrated Jiona's Christening today at Liverpool. Gary and Yyoni are one of the happiest parents today because Jiona is officially a Christian.

Jiona is soooooo cute!!!! The Uncles and Aunties (Titos and Titas) were given a chance to have a photograph with the baby after the Christening at the church. Here's ours with baby Jiona:

All the barkada was there and we all enjoyed catching up and making fun of each other at the reception. It was Buffet style til 2:00PM so we really stuffed ourselves up from starters to dessert.

One of the best part of the event was when Yyoni handed the souvenirs out...

It was magnets saying "Thank you" and it had the photo of the Lejarde family. I was soooo happy to see the photograph I took of them during Jiona's first photoshoot. Yay, yay, yay!!!!

Chris was like "Are you sure???" Hahaha. He was playfully acting like he's jealous. And I was like "Nah!!! I took that one and you know it!" Hehehe. When we got home, we checked the properties of the photo and it indicated that it was taken with a 400D...humirit ba naman si husband na "Didn't we exchanged cameras at that time?"....and we were laughing so hard. My husband really likes to tease me. Anyway, when it comes to photography, we are passionate, competitive (we challenge each other), generous (he is my mentor and he's really very helpful), critical of each other's works and no matter what happens we are a team, so whatever photo gets picked for whatever, we're both happy. Over-all, it's OURS.

Anyway, we ended up going home early (was planning to go to the city for the Aroma Festival) but I had a very bad runny nose. I hope I feel better tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!