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Monday, July 14, 2008

Today Was A Good Day...

....because out of the blue, I suddenly craved for coffee and was able to satisfy it by meeting up with Husband at Gloria Jeans. I had Cafe Mocha and shared a Baby Caramel Cheesecake with him. Indulgence on a Monday. :)

...because it was a warm day today, a break from those chilly winter days and nights we've been experiencing lately. I saw my arms today!!! Yay! I had to take off my jacket and coat (yup, layering to the max!--layer kung layer!) while inside Gloria Jeans coz it was hot! And on our way home, we only had to wear our jackets (no need for the coats hehehe).

...because I saw lots and lots of WYD08 delegates going around the city today--eyeloveit!!!! Presenting...the delegates from Indonesia....!!!!

with matching flag yan ha!!!

...because we also saw a group of Filipino delegates and I was so happy to see them (with matching flags too!) at Central Station. Chris said "Do you want to say hello to them?". But I replied, "No, naiiyak ako to see them here (as in nangilid ang luha ko sa mga mata ko bigla), I'm so overwhelmed." I'm just sooo happy that Filipinos have safely arrived here. Next time we had the chance, I would definitely say hello. It was my first time to see a group of delegates from the Phils today and I didn't know I would be tearfully overwhelmed to see them all happy while raising the Philippine flag.

...because I got amused with a photo I took of myself while playing with Chris' camphone. The light from outside the window seemed to portray a halo above my head hehehe. Could it be my aura because I'm happy today???? :)