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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We had coffee before we head off to work this morning to celebrate our 19th month. In the spirit of trying something new, in this case, a new cafe, we tried cookieman.

I usually write reviews on cafes/restos on a separate entry, but to save you time and money (not to mention space on the internet), let me just say that this was a crappy cafe that served crappy croissant and muffin, and the worst part of all was it served crappy coffee. Not a good way to start the morning, I tell you. I'm not fussy when it comes to food (I eat almost anything edible and I'm not afraid to try different cuisines) but one thing about me is that when the quality of food is less than average, you would definitely hear me say a disgruntled remark. And please, anything but my coffee!!!

Anyway, at least the company was great.

There is no such thing as a bad mood for us even in the mornings. Sleepy and cold and yet we are always ready to make fun of ourselves.

Finally! A decent photograph.

At least their cup says: Life is a journey, take your time and have a cup of coffee, it could be more delightful and joyful than you think.

Cheers to our 19th!