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Friday, January 16, 2009

A Trip Down To Memory Lane

The Husband has finally converted our wedding AVPs into MP4. These have been uploaded in youtube and vimeo but because we are celebrating our 2nd anniversary week, I'm sharing these videos with you my dear friends in the blogosphere.

There were three AVPS that were shown on our wedding day.

The first one was a tribute to our parents which showed our baby to adult photos. The song used was "Thanks to You" which truly describes how much we are grateful for the love our parents have given us. We love them so much, without them we are nothing.

The second AVP consisted of two songs: (1) Accidentally Inlove and (2) At the Beginning. The first song was a tribute to our friends and the second was our prenup photos taken by Mel Cortez. If you are a close friend ours, you might see yourself here.

The two songs in this AVP were both from two famous cartoon movies, "Shrek" and "Anastacia" respectively. Was it intentional? Yes and no. Yes because we wanted two songs that had a common denominator and no because it so happened that those two were really our favorites and best speaks of how we are as a couple.

Chris and Ivy Prenup AVP from Ibyang Sanchez on Vimeo.

And the last one, shown at the last bit of our wedding programme, the grand finale.

It was the Onsite AVP showcasing the events that happened from pre-wedding preps at the hotel to the Church ceremony.

These three videos will always remind us how far we've come, how much we have grown as individuals and to finally facing life together as a couple.