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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Photo on Schmap!! Sydney

My photo got published on Schmap!! Sydney .

At the start of 2009, I officially wished that someday an article or photo of mine gets published somewhere, either in print or online. Then this happened (yay!), never actually thought it would happen so soon, so I'm elated and actually very speechless last night when I saw the website.

Very timely too, as I'm contemplating of going back to using a Point&Shoot camera and forget about DSLR-ing (in layman's term: forget about using a DSLR). Maybe this is a sign that I should continue DSLR-ing?

More than anything else, I'd like to thank the Husband for being a very patient photography coach and for being my teammate extra-ordinaire (mwah!!!). Kumbaga sa kanta "he is the wind beneath my wings!" hahaha...ang corny!!! :P

Photo attached is a screenshot of the website. {Link}