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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Organic Choices For The Home (Part 2)

My new organic finds for the home: Quick Oats and Yogurt.

Quick Oats can be cooked the normal way (with boiled water) or with use of a microwave.

I love yogurt!!!---especially now that it's organic.

Some things I need to clarify:

I'm sharing my organic finds for the home for the simple reason that I want people to be aware that organic choices are easily available to everyone nowadays. The key word here is AWARENESS.

In my first entry about Organic Choices for the Home, I veered away from the word "healthy" as I didn't want readers to have the notion that the only way to be healthy is to use organic products. If you read my entry again, I didn't refer organic food to "being solely healthy" but instead regard it as one of the several healthy options.

May I quote again the second to the last sentence that I wrote: "People are lucky nowadays to find several healthy options (one of which is organic) available to them in the market."

Thank you!