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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Keeping A Piece of MJ

I have a rule about buying magazines so I rarely buy them but these past few days I made an exception for Michael Jackson.

On Sunday, amidst a hang over from a party my Husband and I attended the night before, we made a quick survey of our neighborhood's news agents to look for Time's Michael Jackson Special Commemorative Edition. As it turned out, there wasn't any Time MJ SCE we could find. I panicked so I picked out the two most worthy magazines to buy.

On Tuesday morning, I was able to get a hold of the magazine I wanted.

I haven't read it yet...I haven't even read the first two magazines I bought. I'm thinking of saving it and when the right time comes (the right time for me, that is), I will savor reading it.

We all know that MJ's everywhere right now. TV networks are showing his concerts and MTVs and running past interviews and TV specials about him. Even in newspapers, never a day goes by that they never run a whole page for him. Fans cannot get over his sudden death...the world is indeed missing him now that he is truly gone.

When the world becomes silent somehow of him and his stories, I'd probably be able to read the magazines I bought, to help me remember him again.


We just finished watching MJ's Memorial Service on TV (thanks for replays!). It was indeed a very touching way of remembering the King of Pop. I was especially touched during Brooke Shields' speech as she talked of how their friendship blossomed and the anecdotes she shared.

What about you? When you watched MJ's Memorial Service, what part of the show touched you deeply?