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Saturday, November 7, 2009

H&M Gray Jacket

My Husband calls this my Michael Jackson Jacket...whenever he sees me wearing this, he teases me to sing "Beat It".
He can tease me all he want but I don't care. I love this jacket and if it ever somehow reminds him (or other people) of MJ's wardrobe, then that makes me happier (I'm an MJ fan anyway).

Reasons why I love this H&M Gray Jacket:
(1) It's from H&M and it's one of the many things I bought when we were in Dubai last year. H&M has great stuff, some were created by famous designers (i.e. Comme des Garcons) and yet they sell their clothes at reasonable prices. I wait for the day when Sydney will have an H&M branch here.
(2) The jacket is light and has a flimsy look but can be worn during early Autumn and Spring season. Even with the seemingly thin fabric, it amazingly brings warmth during drizzly weather.
(3) It's gray! It goes well with a lot of colors :)
First photo by Chris Sanchez. Second photo by Jon Dael. Shot at Darling Harbour (6/11/09).

Extra news: I was able to try Nikon's D700 last was spanking hot!

No, I'm not making the switch, but it's nice to get to know other cameras and learn about their technology too.