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Friday, January 8, 2010

Take A Walk With Me

When I moved here in Sydney and was nursing my broken heart from all the homesickness one migrant is plagued with, some Fridays I would go to some touristy place in the city to remind myself how lucky I am to be living here. I'd usually walk the streets of Circular Quay for a view of the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge (para todo na sa pagka-touristy!) and whenever I'd see those amazing structures, my homesickness fades away. The lonely feelings turn into feelings of blessedness. As much as I love and miss my first home, I can never deny that this city, this country, is a beautiful place. And lonely or not, I will always be grateful for being here.

Nowadays, it is very seldom that bouts of homesickness strikes me. Nowadays, I walk along the streets of this city with just the need to explore and relax.

Today being a Friday is another one of those days when I walk around the metro. I started walking in the streets of George Street. First stop, St. Peter Julian's Church.

First time to be here. I forgot to make three wishes. My mom always reminds me to make three wishes whenever it was our first time to visit a church. But then I realized, my prayer consisted of a lot of wishes, so I guess, I did more than three wishes.

From George Street, I made my way to Chinatown. I entered a building full of clothing boutiques that sells funky dresses, the ones we see actors and actresses wear in Asianovelas. Looked at the prices and some of them were a bit expensive.

When I got out of the building, I made my way to Darling Park. Great weather this afternoon. Thank goodness the sun came out as it was cloudy when we woke up this morning.

They've got a few rides for kids. The thing about places here in this country is that they make sure that there's something for everyone. 

They even have these mini-trains around the Harbour for those who would like a tour or who are too tired to walk. I've never tried riding these trains. Since I live here, there are some things that I take for granted.

 This country has the bluest skies I've ever seen.

On days when it's so hot, men take off their shirts. The women, they wear their bikinis. In public places, not just the beach. Very laidback and carefree.

Blue on blue. So beautiful, isn't it? I just used my point and shoot Sony camera today and the photos turned out lovely. No tweaking done here, just resizing.

Since it was hot, I didn't stay in the sun too long. I went inside Harbourside Mall to have a little bit of "me" time while waiting for the Husband to finish work.

I went around looking at bags, clothes, sunnies, shoes...stuff that a girl fancies. I almost bought a new pair of sunnies but can't decide between two pairs I liked. Which one--the white or black?

Since I can't decide, I didn't buy any. But I was lucky enough to find boots on sale. It's the best time to buy winter stuff these days because everything's on sale. I bought two pairs (black and brown) because it was half the price each. I know it's the same style but I don't really care much for boots anyway. For me, the simpler, the better. As long as I've got boots to keep my feet warm during winter that's fine with me. Plus, I need boots for our sweet November trip to *toooot*. Secret muna for now. :P

When Husband arrived, we hung out at the Glue store because he needed a new pair of pants. All the pants there were on sale, 20% off. He was able to buy a new pair of Levi's for a hundred dollars.

Ambushed photography while Chris was trying pants on hehe.

After that, we decided to go home. On our way out, we stopped by Movenpick Ice Cream because I wanted to try them. I had Hazelnut Ice Cream. It was delish.

HHWWEII = Holding hands while walking and eating ice cream. :) Such a relaxing and peaceful afternoon at the Darling Harbour today. Love it!

Sunset today was 8:10PM so when we arrived home, the sun was still shining, the skies blue as these flowers welcomed us home.

Thanks for walking with me...happy weekend!