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Friday, January 22, 2010

Where's the Party?

For the past years, I have always had a party. Whether a big party at home or a small intimate dinner with family and chosen friends, I've always had party. My parents always made sure that I do. My mom especially explained to me that parties are a must as it is a way to celebrate milestones and our way of giving thanks to the people we love.

A few people has asked me, "What are we doing on your birthday?". I simply replied, "Nothing." When my mother learned about this, she reacted as if there was something wrong with me. Well, I have always been sort of crazy in some ways (ask my friends!) but not celebrating my birthday with a party or a simple dinner is something unheard of, at least to my mom who knows me well.

Not that I'm being the Scrooge of birthdays nor am I being ungrateful. Today, more than ever, I'm very grateful for the gift of life I've been cherishing for the past 33 years. After my successful operation a month ago, I'm forevermore thankful that I was given another chance at exploring life and be with my loved ones.

I know it is but fitting to have a bigger celebration this year after my memorable December experience. I should be in a more "party" mood. But let me just say that the happiness and gratefulness that I feel is so much more than any other parties I would ever know. For me that is enough.

Since there won't be any real parties but I'm still in a celebratory mood, I have instead prepared a "virtual party" for all of you (see below). I really hope you enjoy it.

I've already received several messages...THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for thinking of me and for sending positive thoughts my way. If anyone were to ask me what gift I want, I would love for you to click on this link and make a donation to the Haiti earthquake victims.
Instead of sending me birthday cards, giving me a gift, treating me out to lunch/dinner/coffee or make an overseas phone call to me (you can just greet me via Facebook), just click on the link and use the money you will spend on me to help Haiti earthquake victims instead. Not only will you make me very happy but your contribution can save a life.

Thank you very much for joining my "virtual party" and for making my day special.