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Friday, February 26, 2010

New Season, New Haircut

Finally got myself a decent haircut after three months. It took me awhile to decide on whether I will just have it trimmed and continue growing it long or cut most of it off. I decided to cut it short since the cold months are creeping in, it's getting harder to blowdry long hair. Takes me longer time to prepare to go out when I have longer hair. The last thing a woman needs during cold days is a high maintenance hairstyle. I swear, mauubos na oras mo sa pagpatong-patong ng mga damit, dadagdag pa ang pagpapatuyo ng buhok. 

So my first stop for today was at the salon...and voila! New hair to welcome the new season---Autumn starts on Monday, 1 March. :)
That's my stylist Ching as she walked behind me. She even cooked Tikoy (New Year Cake) and made me eat them before I left her salon. She just arrived from the Philippines for a vaycay and she was able to bring home Tikoy (the Tikoy that I want) from Manila. May haircut na, may libreng meryenda pa haha. She's sweet like that, she almost always feeds me when I have my haircut.

I feel so much better now. Having a haircut is such a pick-upper isn't it?