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Monday, March 15, 2010

Busy Weekend in Photographs

My weekend started on Thursday afternoon at Starbucks. After work, Jeanny and I had a gym and sauna bonding at her apartment. I waited for Jeanny at a Starbucks near her office and that's where I wrote down all the things that my Husband and I need to accomplish for the weekend. I had to make a list because there's a lot of things to do other than our usual weekend household chores. I also took this chance to call my friend Michelle regarding Hilda's hen's night party in April as I'm helping her with some of the preps. After talking to Michelle, I called Hilda, this time to talk about her wedding invites which Chris and I will be creating. 

After my gym and sauna bonding with Jeanny, Chris arrived at her apartment and joined us for dinner. As usual, Jeanny came up with another yummy pasta dish (thanks Jeanny!).

The following morning, Chris accompanied me to see our doctor for my ultrasound. The doctor needed to see if I was healing well from the inside (due to
my surgery last December 2009). We were so relieved and happy when our doctor said I'm all good and healthy and it's as if no surgery happened inside my body. Thank you God!

Watched "Alice in Wonderland" after our Thai lunch.  We liked it.  Entertaining and visually stimulating.

Chris tried on his 3D glasses while at lunch.  We got the glasses for AUD$1.00/pair so we can use them whenever we watch 3D films. 

After the movie, we window shopped and walked around the mall.  It's been awhile since we've done "malling" so this was refreshing for both of us. 

Afternoon tea at Max Brenner to rest our feet from walking and to take a break before we headed to the supermarket for our grocery shopping.

How does one know our favorite chocolate flavour?  You can base it on our skintones hehe.  Chris loves dark chocolate while I love white chocolate.  I love Max Brenner's hot white chocolate---parang ka lang umiinom ng gatas :).

After attending mass on Saturday afternoon, we went to Kmart to buy chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies in preparation for Easter festivities.  After shopping, I suggested we buy our first takeaway pizza for dinner. 

Other than the fact that I'm still in a celebratory mood from Friday's good news about my health, I figured we could use the break from home-cooked meals.  Plus, I also wanted to have a more relaxing Saturday night. 

Chris being the chocoholic that he is, can't help but order Domino's Choco Lava Cake too. 

 A relaxing dinner it was as we gorged on a large Supreme Pizza and a bottle of champagne while we watched movies.

Sunday afternoon we had coffee at Coffee Culture after we picked up our developed photographs taken by our vintage camera.  We are so happy with the results!  I will share more about our great vintage finds from the Sydney Camera Market in another entry.

It was during Sunday afternoon coffee that we talked about our "strategies" for our upcoming commitments.  We've got very busy weeks ahead of us.  Our social calendar's already full til the month of May.  And for some reason, it is during our coffee dates that we somehow figure out what and how we're going to do things.  Must be a habit or a ritual ours already, I don't know.  But one thing's for sure, it during this coffee dates that we have created concepts for our projects.