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Friday, October 29, 2010

Restaurant: The European (Melbourne, Australia)

And you thought my Melbourne posts are over.  No, not just yet.  The good thing about posting about our short getaway in my "sweet" (read: oh so slow pace) time is that I get to re-live each memory again in the midst of the "busy-ness" of my life (it's a horror that my last entry was Monday, yikes!).  Remembering the good stuff that happened from a vacation serves as an instant pick-upper for me.

On our last day in Melbourne, our friends Lui and Charmine took us for brunch at The European Restaurant

I noticed that in Melbourne, a lot of restaurants offer "brunch", while in Sydney several offer "breakfast all day".  Some restaurants offer brunch from 10am-2pm; really varies.  At The European Restaurant, they offer brunch from 12:00-4:00pm.

The place was busy when we arrived around 1ish, we were lucky to get a table right away.  A bit dark but cozy.  There's limited space for walking around so people with prams might find it a bit challenging.  Although they do have alfresco dining for those who need more space.

Melbourne Spring Getaway

The European (Melbourne, Australia)

Now for some food porn.  Charmine's order: Tom Cooper Salmon with Pancakes on the side.  Underneath the Salmon were green salad.  Never had the chance to have a taste but from the looks of it, it seemed delicious.  A healthy dish too. 

The European (Melbourne, Australia)

Lui's order: Eggs Benedict.  I had a bite and got a bit jealous for not ordering this.  The eggs were poached perfectly and the Hollandaise sauce was so creamy. 

The European (Melbourne, Australia)

Chris' order:  Continental Breakfast

The European (Melbourne, Australia)

My order: Frittata of Smoked Trout and Potato with Salsa.  I commend myself for trying something different that morning.  I found this interesting when I read the menu.  This is a good dish for those wanting a lighter meal.  I like the simplicity and health factor of this dish.

The European (Melbourne, Australia)

We would have lingered longer but we wanted to have dessert somewhere else and a plane to catch in the evening. 

The European

161 Spring Street, Melbourne
Telephone +61 3 96540811