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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Move to Melbourne?

Our friends in Melbourne has once asked us, "If you love Melbourne so much, why not consider moving here?"  And honestly, the thought has entered our minds a couple of times.  We are truly at home in Melbourne and it is a good city to live in too.

Sometimes we go beyond wondering.  Three months ago, we had a bit of a look on some display homes in Melbourne and it was a great experience to see other options.  The homes we saw were beautiful and conveniently located near the CBD.  At one point, we said, "What if we really move?"  While looking at houses, it felt exciting and inviting.  There's a part of me that wanted to grab an opportunity to have a big adventure in our married life while the other part of me is not so keen because Sydney is home to us.

For now we are staying put where we are.  However, we are also not closing our doors should there be an opportunity somewhere.  Life may surprise us one time or another so if does happen, I'd say, "Why not?"