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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Little Japan in Market City

On days when I have to meet the Husband after work, one of the places I usually spend my "Me" time is Chinatown, particularly in Market City and Sydney's Paddy's Markets.  Both are housed in one building.  The lower ground is where you'll find Paddy's Markets and then once you go up the escalator, that's where you'll find Market City.  I can get lost for an hour or two in these areas.  Other than shopping, food chains are abundant so if I get tired from walking I sit down with a drink and rest.

Last week, I was at Market City again killing time before I met up with the Husband.  I went to Level 3 to have my Chatime fix (I haven't had one in ages).  Afterwhich, I explored the floor and found a dollar store named Dollar King.  I thought it was just a normal dollar store but noticed that it was split into two.  The other half of the store is Dollar King, while the other half was called "Little Japan", a 100-Yen store similar to Daiso.

Like Daiso, every item in LITTE JAPAN is priced at AUD$2.80.

It wasn't a big space but four aisles full of products from Japan such as home storage solutions, dining ware, utensils, cometics, etc. is sufficient.

My favourite space would have to be the dining ware and chopsticks area.  As much as the little plates and bowls were attractively tempting, I didn't buy any.  I always say a home can never have enough dining ware--that is so true in my case.  Other than food blogging and photography, we like using appropriate dining ware in the home.  Maybe next time.

Lots of chopsticks in different sizes and colours.  They have chopsticks with cases.  And there are chopsticks for cooking too.

Our love for Asian cuisine has made our home very chopsticks-friendly.  We have a sufficient amount of chopsticks at home now, most of them came from our travels.  I bought a pair of chopsticks with case which I now keep in the office and two pairs of long chopsticks which I can use for cooking.

Whenever I'm at 100-Yen shops, I also look out for chopsticks rests.  I'm glad Little Japan had a few when I visited and luckily, I found a four-leaf clover chopsticks rest.  Isn't it adorable?

If you are too far away to visit Daiso in Chatswood, Little Japan in Market City is a good option for you.

Level 3, Market City
9-13 Hay Street
Haymarket Chinatown, Sydney
Open Everyday 10am – 7pm. Thursdays until 8pm