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Monday, April 23, 2012

Filipino Bread and Pastries at Starlight Bakery (Doonside, NSW)

I have always been asked where I buy freshly-baked Filipino bread and I'm finally making the reveal today.  Apologies if it took so long for me to feature this favourite Filipino bakery of mine.  It was only recently that I had a chance to take some photos of the store.

Starlight Bakery can be found not too far away from Doonside Train Station.  I used to get off this train station during the afternoons and one should only follow the aroma of delicious bread to find the store.  It is a small store that gets filled up with customers during mornings and afternoons.  

They bake a lot of Filipino favourites such as Pandesal, Spanish Bread, Bicho Bicho, Ensaymada, Pan de Coco, Pan de Ube and Empanada.  They also sell Siopao (pork bun).

 They make cakes too, such as Brazo de Mercedes, Ube Macapuno Roll, Vanilla and Chocolate Sponge Cakes, Caramel Cake, Buko Pie and Egg Pie.

Our "Fantastic Four"--the ones we buy whenever we visit Starlight Bakery: Bicho Bicho, Spanish Bread, Ensaymada and Pandesal.  They've got the softest Filipino bread this side of Sydney Metro.  

I'm thankful we have a Filipino bakery near our place.  Anytime we crave for our good 'ol Filipino breads, a trip to Starlight Bakery for freshly-baked Pandesal immediately gratifies and make us feel like we're back home in the Philippines.

Starlight Bakery
15 Hill End Rd
Phone: (02) 9621 5607