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Friday, April 20, 2012

Style Musings: My Favourite Words on a Bracelet

My Mum had these reminder bracelets made at a store called The Bead Shop in the Philippines.  Each bracelet is a reminder of my favourite words and each word are some of the things I believe in and my passions in life.

WANDER.  For my love of travel and learning.  This word reminds me to live curious, think of possibilities and adventure, and be open to changes in life.  When I lust for wander, I don't only lust for a place to see, I lust for adventure and learning too.

CHARMED. For my strong belief that all good things happen when we believe that it will and that God and the universe conspire to make our dreams come true as long as we work hard for it.

LOVE.  This word inspires me to be kind, to think of love first before anything else; to love myself, my family and friends.  This word reminds me that the universe will never run out of goodness because love is within all us.  

CHERISH.  "Live in the moment and enjoy being"--this is what I always say to myself all the time, that's why I cherish everything in my world.  Life has taught me to never take anything for granted--such a hard task--so I try.  

INDULGE.  I love this word it reminds me to truly enjoy the things that bring me joy and to also shower my loved ones with things that make them happy. 

These reminder bracelets are available at The Bead Shop Philippines.  Subscribe to their Facebook page and know more about their products.