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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Discovering A New Place For Coffee

I cannot emphasize this enough: It's always wonderful to find a place that serves good coffee and good food by just following one's senses. While the Husband and I have it in our bones to plan for when we go out or travel, we always leave room for discovering unexpected things.  If you've been following this blog and have read a few of my travel experiences, you would know that we have a knack for research and planning before our travels but we also have this habit of abandoning plans and walk thru a path of uncertainty (we don't mind getting lost). This is also how we live a married life: a balance of planned directions and goals but having enough room to question, explore and discover.  

On the Saturday we had lunch with relatives, we woke up late, hence, no time to have a proper breakfast at home.  We dropped by the shops and made a quick errand.  We had less than 30 minutes but we needed a faux breakfast and coffee. We noticed a quiet and almost hidden cafe as we're about to leave the mall and quickly decided, "Let's coffee here!"  

We each had a cup of coffee, Cappuccino for me and a Latte for the Husband and just shared four slices of Fruit Toast. The brand of coffee they used was Caffe Molinari.  Two birds with one stone: we discovered a new place to have a meal and try out a different brand of coffee.

My coffee was well-made, warm and creamy, placed in cute cup painted with a graphic of blue jeans.  I loved the harmony of bitterness and sweetness that it brought to my tongue.  When the cup's finished, it didn't leave any bitter aftertaste. Just smooth and easy, the way it should be on a relaxing Saturday.

Ginny's Cafe and Restaurant
Shop 3062
Westpoint Shopping Centre
Blacktown NSW
Phone: 8678 8434