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Monday, July 23, 2012

The Wonderful Things That Make Up A Weekend

Weekends always seem to be short especially when we're having fun. This precious break from work life  is a time when we always squeeze in everything we want to do and spend quality time with loved ones. I always face my Mondays with a more inspired heart knowing that the weekend that passed was well-spent.

Coffee Date with Mari at Charlie Lovett where we got to catch up and enjoy a good cup of coffee (for me) and chocolate (for her).  After which we had a walk along George Street from Cental to Townhall.

Hang out at our favourite bookstore, Kinokuniya.  This is where I sometimes meet up with the Husband after work.  I find it very productive to wait for each other at a bookstore because we get to read books.  One of the areas I frequent is the Branding/Marketing & Sales area.  While the Husband would always drop by the Manga section.  Below is a Manga entitled, GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) which we're currently watching the TV series of.

Friday night = date night!  In celebration of our 66th month, the Husband bought me Red Velvet Cupcakes (my current food obsession).  We sat ourselves at Chatime and bought some Pork Floss Buns too for an eat-anything-you-want afternoon tea.

Ended the night by watching "The Amazing Spiderman" (He was indeed amazing! Loved this Spiderman film). While everyone lined up for the new Batman movie, we enjoyed the Spiderman movie with a not-so-full cinema.  We're always late when it came to movies because we wait two to three weeks for the crowd to subside.  And since the theatre wasn't full, we scored a loveseat! 

Finding a most coveted item on sale.  This happened on Friday night too while window shopping at the mall. I've always wanted to own this DVD but always found it priced at AUD$25.99, but when I looked on Friday, it was on the specials list, on sale at AUD$9.99.  

Finding a place that serves good coffee and good food by just following our senses. We were on our way to lunch with relatives when we decided to have coffee first and found this unassuming, almost hidden cafe and restaurant in our suburb's mall. Saw the coffee brand they use and it wasn't familiar. We got interested and decided to try it. The coffee was well-made and tasted great as we partnered it with fruit toast.  I commended the staff before we left.  The Husband agreed that we will come back soon. I will share more about this cafe in a later post.

Lunch with relatives.  Our rendezvous with family is always celebrated with a lot of catching up and sumptuous, abundant food.  Right after lunch, a cup peppermint tea gave me some time to sit, be grateful and  soothe the fullness of my tummy.

Celebrating Christmas in July. It's winter time in Sydney and I've made it a tradition at home to celebrate Christmas in July with delicious (and sometimes sinful) food.  This year, I roasted a rolled pork belly.  It was my first time to roast pork and I'm glad it turned out okay.  

Winter Hibernation. I felt that the past weekend was coldest so far.  It could just be me though as I'm getting tired of winter by now.  After the excitement from all our weekend meet-ups with loved ones and our Christmas in July brouhaha, I bundled myself up in the warmest sweat clothes I own, wore my home boots and did nothing but sleep for the rest of weekend. The whole day of Sunday was spent in bed too.  It's as if this cold is consuming so much of me.  Thank God for the Husband who did all of the housework, he gave me a whole day break.
 How was your weekend?