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Monday, October 15, 2012

Koreatown Fri-date

We've been hanging out at different suburbs lately so we've missed our favourite Koreatown in Strathfield. We took a day-off last Friday and decided to have brunch there amidst the rains, wind and gloom. Such bad weather that it was tempting to just stay in bed and sleep. But our love for Korean stuff proved to be much stronger so as early as 10:30am we were already there hoping to find a place to eat.

We found a cafe and restaurant called "Beauty and the Beast" (39 The Boulevard, Strathfield NSW) that serves Korean, Japanese and Western food. They have a wide range of dishes from snacks, lunch, dinner and even happy hour. I've never been more glad to find that they serve Club Sandwiches. They're my favourite snacks (think Tropical Hut Philippines) since I was a kid and it's not commonly served in cafes here in Australia. The Husband and I ordered a Club Sandwich with Chips, Kimchi Stew with Pork and Tofu and Pork Katsu--one for each cuisine. The servings were big but we almost finished everything because we were so hungry. Enjoyed the food because it was simply delicious.
After brunch, we went to Hanaro Mart (Shop 16/11 The Boulevard Strathfield) to look at Korean goodies. We mostly bought chocolates, canned coffees and ice cream!
Dropped by Hello Happy and bought some bread. We love their bread so everytime we chance upon Hello Happy we buy a few to take home with us.
For a change, we didn't have coffee and instead visited the newest yogurt place in Strathfield, Yogurberry. The store's only a week-old and we even heard construction going on at the back but the place was ready to accommodate customers nonetheless. The weather was freezing cold and yet here we were enjoying a big cup of Taro Yogurt
Brunch, check. Korean goodies, check, Korean breads, check. A yogurt dessert, check. A short visit to Koreatown and we got what we came for and more. It was a great start to our long weekend.