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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Koreatown Fridate: Dinner at Wooden Bowl

So how was your weekend?

Mine was lovely. The Husband seemed to have caught the same vibrant vibe I had when August started that our mojo for de-cluttering and cleaning house are back. On Saturday morning, I was able to de-clutter our shoe storage. On Sunday, we cleaned house and de-cluttered our paper files. It was a weekend of rest, play and chores. On top of it all, we got to have our Fridate at Koreatown. 

Oh I've missed Koreatown (Strathfield, NSW). It's been weeks since I've visited and seeing it on Friday made me very happy. It's our first date after my semi-hibernation and where do we go? Koreatown, of course. 
As per usual, I had my "Me" time at "My Sweet Memory Cafe" before dinner. I brought "Sakura" (the name of my macbook air) with me so I can write while enjoying a cup of Iced Coffee and Vanilla Cupcake. 
Their Iced Coffee is something I always enjoy because they add a lot of ice cream in it. This coffee ain't strong so it was a perfect afternoon treat for someone who would like to sleep at a decent time in the evening. Unfortunately, the vanilla cupcake wasn't as yummy as it looked. It was actually dry. They've had better cupcakes so maybe I just got a bad one that day.
When Hubby arrived, we dropped by the Korean Dollar Store and Hanaro Mart where we looked at kitchen stuff and bought a few grocery items.

We were supposed to have dinner at our favourite Korean restaurant but there was already a queue for a table. We decided to try Wooden Bowl. The photos outside their resto boasted of delicious Korean Fried Chicken (KFC) so why not? We haven't eaten KFC in a long time.

Wooden Bowl was busy as well but thankfully, a couple vacated a table as we entered. A quick look at the menu and we realized that Wooden Bowl also offered popular Chinese dishes.
We got ourselves a half order of the Korean Fried Chicken in Soy and big bowl of Black Bean Noodle. 

The Korean Fried Chicken had a juicy taste of soy and mild chili (You can request for a spicier flavour). The skin had a thick but flavourful breading and it wasn't as crispy. We're used to thin and crispy skinned KFCs but even if we're expectating for something similar, the delicious flavour of their KFC made up for it. 
The Black Bean Noodle had a huge serving. So huge that you can easily share it with two or three persons. We didn't order rice as this was enough for me and the Husband. I enjoyed their version of the Black Bean Noodle. It was perfectly seasoned and the balance of sweet and salty was just right.
Savoured our favourite Korean dishes while we enjoyed talking about our favourite things. It was the perfect Fridate to end our busy work week. 

Wooden Bowl
29 The Boulevarde, Strathfield
Phone: 02 9746 9077